eBook Release Schedule for 2014

Revised January 19, 2014

eBook schedule release of Lindsay McKenna’s first thirty books written for Harlequin starting in 1983. More information will become available at www.harlequin.com as the publishing eBook dates approach.

The importance of these books is that for the first time, Lindsay’s original two series, which were not packaged as such because the publishing industry didn’t realize an author could write three books in a row that were connected with one another, will be packaged as a series. That includes the first one, Travis Trilogy; later, The Kincaid Trilogy. Be looking for them in eBooks with the following schedule:

*January 2014:
Captive of Fate — first romantic military suspense book written for the industry
Chase the Clouds
Come Gentle the Dawn
Heart of the Tiger
Love Me Before Dawn

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*February 2014:
Lindsay McKenna – Historical Collection:
King of Swords
Lord of Shadowhawk
Sun Woman

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*April 2014 (On Sale April 15th):
My Only One
Point of Departure
Texas Wildcat
Too Near the Fire
Touch the Heavens
Wilderness Passion

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May 2014:
Breaking Point, HQN, Shadow Warriors book #3, eBook/paperback release.

*June 2014 (On Sale June 15th):
Men Of Courage trilogy
Shadows & Light
Dangerous Alliance
Count Down

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June 24 2014 :
Never Surrender, HQN, Shadow Warriors book #4, sequel to Breaking Point, eBook/paperback release

*August 2014 (On Sale August 12th):
Travis Trilogy Series
Red Tail
Dare to Love
The Right Touch

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*September 2014 (On Sale September 16th):
Kincaid Trilogy Series
Heart of the Eagle
A Measure of Love

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*October 2014 (On Sale October 14th):
Women of Glory series
No Quarter Given
The Gauntlet
Under Fire

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*Reprints released as eBooks