Summer Newsletter 2014

Dear Readers:

UPDATE: The interview has been rescheduled for June 10, 7 p.m. EDT due to technical difficulties. More information can be found at

Join me on June 6, 8 p.m., EDT, where I’ll be interviewed by the fabulous Pam Stack of Authors on the Air, about Breaking Point and Never Surrender! Don’t miss this blogtalk radio interview. And if you can’t make it? There will be a free podcast available. Get information about why I wrote these two powerful books!

What a busy time! 2014 is a watershed year insofar as how many books I’ve written for you. I’m going to be covering June, July and August in this newsletter.

First, the first thirty books I wrote are now being converted into eBooks by Harlequin. Yippee! Here is the schedule I’ve received from my publisher on what is next:

June 15
Men Of Courage trilogy:
Shadows & Light
Dangerous Alliance
Count Down

August 12
Travis Trilogy:
Red Tail
Dare to Love
The Right Touch

The next book/eBook to come out is Never Surrender, HQN, June 24, 2014. This is the sequel to Breaking Point,  HQN. If you fell in love with US Navy SEAL Gabe Griffin and 18 Delta combat medic, Baylee-Ann Thorn, then you can continue to follow their lives as military people who are in love. These two characters grabbed me and I couldn’t stand to let them go after writing Breaking Point. I was so deeply embedded with them, that they wanted the rest of their story told.

Here is an excerpt from Never Surrender.

Publisher’s Weekly Magazine (PW), the queen of the publishing world (when they speak, everyone listens…) does reviews on all types of books, including romance books. It’s very tough to even get a review in PW because so many publishers want their books read. Hundreds flood PW’s office every week. So, to even get a review in PW is an amazing feat in itself!

On May 12, 2014, imagine my surprise to see a review on Never Surrender! And even better, it was a “starred” review. If the reviewer feels it is an exceptional book they will place a red star next to the title. Very few writers ever get a red star from PW. It’s sort of like an actress winning an Oscar… that rare. Well, my book got a starred review and I’m still walking on air!! My publisher, Harlequin, is jumping up and down for joy, too 😉

And here is their review:

“STAR review
Never Surrender by Lindsay McKenna, HQN, ISBN 978-0-373-7788-9

McKenna takes readers on a gritty and emotional journey with this high-octane sequel to BREAKING POINT, HQN, May 2014. Navy SEAL Chief Gabe Griffin would do anything for his fiancee, Navy Petty Officer First Class Baylee-Ann (Bay” Thorn. She’s a member of a select group of women secretly being tested for combat readiness. Bay has just returned from deployment when she’s sent back to Afghanistan to provide medical support to an Army platoon. When a sadistic Taliban warlord kidnaps her, Bay’s life and sanity are on the line, and Gabe moves heaven and earth to rescue her. McKenna provides heartbreakingly tender romantic development that will move readers to tears. Her military background lends authenticity to this outstanding tale, and readers will fall in love with the upstanding hero and his fierce determination to save the woman he loves (July). Publisher’s Weekly Magazine, 5.12.2014 issue.

And I am always looking for readers who would like to review the books they read of mine. If you are interested in this, be sure and contact me (contact information is down at the bottom of my home page) and let me know. If you want to review, but aren’t sure how, I can send you an article I wrote on how to review. My readers find it helpful.

The Shadow Warrior series is doing wonderful, thanks to you! It is about men and women in combat. There have been three books out in 2014 on the series: Risk Taker, February 2014, Harlequin Romantic Suspense. And its sequel, Degree of Risk, March, 2014. HQN came out with Breaking Point, HQN, May 2014 and its sequel Never Surrender, July 2014.

The Wyoming Series comes back with two books a year, starting in 2015. Wolf Haven, HQN, November 25, 2014, is the next Wyoming Series book. These are stories about cowboys in and around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you love wolves, you will love Wolf Haven! But more on that in my Winter Newsletter 2014.

And now, a little teaser! Stay tuned for July 14th because I am starting up a fabulous way to communicate with my wonderful readers. It is going to be called “Lindsay’s Secret Garden.” And it’s designed for faithful readers who adore reading my books, my series, and have special characters that they just love. Visit the front page of my website and there will be a place for you to subscribe! This newsletter will contain EXCLUSIVES only for those signing up!

Lindsay’s Secret Garden will contain:

  • Surprises from time, such as a free give-away, a contest, or….who knows?Reviews by readers who read one of my books and feel passionate about letting others know about it.
  • Cover proofs from coming book
  • Excerpts from coming books
  • EXCLUSIVE CONTENT (that means you have to subscribe to this list to see it or read it): Character updates! This has long been something my readers have been pleading with me to do is update their favorite characters from their favorite book of mine. For example, you will hear how Kamaria Trayhern-Sheridan, who was Morgan and Laura’s adopted daughter, is doing at the Elk Horn Ranch near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She had her book, SHADOWS FROM THE PAST, 2009, HQN and the first book of the Wyoming Series. She married Wes Sheridan, foreman of Iris Mason’s Elk Horn Ranch. This content will not be shown anywhere else but this list!
  • Bookscan standing. This is how well my latest book is doing out there among all other romances. It is a 1 to 100 standing. 1, of course, is the book that is selling the most copies across the USA. With your word of mouth if you like a particular book of mine, it can go higher on the list and you’ll know about it as soon as I know. Bookscan is a weekly list compiled by the Gallup Poll people.
  • Reviews from professional reviewers on my books. What are they saying?
  • EXCLUSIVE EXCERPTS from my coming book. Harlequin chooses an excerpt from my up and coming book, but I can choose to show you more and I will. But only here at the Secret Garden!
  • Where in the world is Lindsay? This is my travelogue and I do travel quite a bit. I’ll be giving you updates, stories and photos of my latest adventure!
  • Photos. This list will be able to support covers and photos. I’m a fairly decent amateur photographer and I’m often shooting. And I’ll be sharing some of those photos with you.
  • VINE ( is a social media outlet that will allow me to use my iPhone, shoot a short video and then upload it up to their website so you can view it!
  • Instagram ( is another place I will be uploading certain, chosen photos, too!
  • Quarterly newsletter on coming books.

I think you can see that there’s going to be an awful lot of reader content here and if you’re excited about this, then you can subscribed right now. Go to my home page  and sign up. The first mailing of my newsletter is scheduled for July 14, 2014.

I hope you have a wonderful Summer! It’s 100° F here every day, blue skies and dry, dry, dry (5% humidity) because I live in Arizona. While you are out having a vacation, I’ll be writing my next book. FOR YOU! Happy SUMMER!