Delos Series – Badem/Mykonos Family Tree

Dilara Badem-Culver’s Family Tree (Turkish and Greek sides of the family)

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Delos History
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Bulent Badem (‘mighty’ in Turkish) married Damia Badem (Dilara’s great grandparents and Tal, Matt and Alexa’s great-great grandparents)

Damia was a clairvoyant and psychic. She saw her wedding rings being worn by a woman with gold/blond hair, Dr. Dara McKinley, a pediatrician and belly dancer (Chapter 22 of Book #3, Forged In Fire).

Ersan Kemel married to Elena Mykonos-Kemel (Aysun’s parents, (grandparents of Dilara Badem-Culver) and great grandparents of Tal, Matt and Alexa)

Ersan was Turkish and belonged to the wealthy Artemis Shipping family. He married Elena Mykonos (Delos Shipping) and the Greek bloodline was introduced. They are now dead. Praxis Mykonos, Elena’s father, owned Delos global shipping/transport line.

Osman Badem married to Sevda Badem (Savas’ parents, grandparents of Dilara Badem-Culver, and great grandparents of Tal, Matt and Alexa)

Sevda Badem, grandmother and Osman Badem, grandfather, ran Diana Lines.They will sell out to the Kemel’s Artemis Shipping. Diana Lines is absorbed into Delos Shipping at this point.


Savas Badem married to Aysun Kemal-Badem (grandparents of Tal, Matt and Alexa)
Aysun was born in Ephesus, Turkey and is youngest of four children. She has red hair, blue eyes and is 5’7” and 125 pounds.  She belongs to a family of shipping magnates since the 1200s, the oldest shipping family known in modern day Turkey. Artemis Shipping has transport/container/oil tanker ships that ply around the world and is worth sixty billion dollars.  Dilara’s three brothers run it presently.  As the only girl, Dilara is doted upon, the beloved of her family. Savas was the owner of global oil tanker company, Diana Line.  Savas had red hair, gray eyes and was 6’2”, 200 pounds with a square face. He dies when Dilara is 15 years old in an auto crash in Kusadasi, Turkey. Dilara is devastated. Her mother, Aysun, never remarries.

They have FOUR children (Berk, Ihsan, Serkan and Dilara)

Dilara (‘lover’ in Turkish) Badem
She has red hair, aquamarine eyes and is 5’7”, slender and elegant looking with an oval face (classic Greek face). She is 75% Turkish and 25% Greek. Her children, Tal, Matt and Alexa are 50% American, 40% Turkish and 10% Greek. She is married to Robert Culver, an American and an US Air Force general since age 22. Robert Culver courts her for a year before she agrees to marry him. She was 22 when they married, he was 28. Dilara and her mother were instrumental in creating Delos charities ten years earlier with the help from her Greek and Turkish families’ blessing and monetary support. The combined worth of both families is over a hundred billion dollars. Dilara is given a budget of one billion dollars a year to run their global charities that are found on all major continents. Her mother, Aysun, helps to run it from her home in Kusadasi, Turkey.

Dilara’s Turkish older brothers (Tal/Matt/Alexa’s 3 uncles)

BROTHER 1Berk (‘solid, firm and strong’ in Turkish) Kemal
Sufi Muslim, he is 62 with black/ silver hair, blue eyes and is 6’3”, 250 pounds. He’s large boned with a square face. Capricorn, president of Delos Shipping and international lawyer of repute.  He’s an assertive businessman, confrontational and wants his way.  Berk’s job is to create new shipping routes and ports and get new business which he’s very good at.

married to

Pinar Kemal
She is 62 years old, a Sufi Muslim, cancer, with an oval face, red hair, green eyes and is 5’7”, 145 pounds. She helps her sister-in-law, Dilara Badem-Culver run the Delos Global charities.  She’s very loving, expressive and caring, an opposite to her husband. Berk and Pinar have two sons.

Berk and Pinar’s TWO sons (cousins to Tal, Matt and Alexa)

Kagan Kemal
He is 32 years old (mother, Pinar, was 28 years old when he was born), a sagittarius, with a square face and is 6’3”, 220 pounds. He has black hair, blue eyes, a playboy, flirt, polo player. He owns his own stable of polo ponies, aggressive in business, competitive and doesn’t like to lose (like his father). He takes a partial interest in the shipping business but prefers his polo and playboy world the most. Single.

Turan Kemal
He is 28 years old (mother, Pinar, was 32 years old when he was born), a scorpio, with an oval face, brown hair, hazel eyes and is 6’0”, 190 pounds. He’s more like his mother, a type B personality, athletic (marathon runner) and competitive but focused on the Delos charities and helping the poor. Has no interest in running the shipping business. Single.

The two sons get along with their cousins Tal, Matt and Alexa.

BROTHER 2Ihsan (‘kindness’ in Turkish) Kemal
He is 60 years old, a Sufi Muslim and a pisces. He runs the scheduling for the global shipping line transports. He has silver hair, gold-brown eyes (same as his nephew Matt Culver), 5’10”, 140 pounds. He’s a type B personality, very gentle and kind.  He heads the human resources department and is responsible for hiring of people for the shipping business. He’s very good at his job.

married to

Nalan Kemel
She is 58 years old, a Sufi Muslim and a virgo. She supports her sister-in-law, Dilara Badem-Culver, in running of Delos charities, the family donates annually to the Delos Charity causes. She has brown hair, gold-brown eyes and is 5’4”, 110 pounds. Ihsan and Nalan have no children. Instead they’ve unofficially “adopted” their nieces and nephew, Tal, Matt and Alexa as their own, even though legally they are not. Nalan and Ihsan dote upon the three Culver children of Dilara and Robert. They will leave their wealth and everything they own to the three of them (as per their will). As children, Tal, Matt and Alexa could hardly wait to go to their Aunt and Uncle’s villa in Turkey and live with them for six weeks during their summer break form school in the US. Nalan and Ihsan plan lots of fun and educational activities for the three children. There is a deep love between all of them.

BROTHER 3: Serkan (‘leader, chief’ in Turkish) Kemal
He is 58 years old, a Sufi Muslim, an aquarius. He has sandy hair, hazel eyes and a square face. He is 6’2”, 200 pounds and a dogged businessman. He’s the “rudder” to the shipping conglomerate, its chief operating officer (COO) and heads up the daily operations and planning department.

married to

Melis Kemal
She is 57 years old, extroverted, spiritual but does not practice a religion, and a gemini. She has red hair, blue eyes, white skinned and is 5’7” and 140 pounds. She was a captain in the Turkish Air Force and flew C-130’s. She’s a very independent, confident woman and supports Delos Charity from Kusadasi, Turkey, working closely with her sister-in-law, Dilara. She loves her nieces, Tal and Alexa Culver, passionately, and tells them to enter the military, that it will be good for them.  Serkan and Melis have a son and a daughter.

Serkan and Melis have TWO children (cousins to Tal, Matt and Alexa)

Taylan (Tay) Kemal

He is 32 years old (mother was 25 years old when she had him), a cancer. He has sandy/reddish hair, gray eyes and is 6’2”, 200 pounds. He’s a type A personality, athletic (loves swimming), loves the ocean, shipping and is very involved in running Artemis Shipping on a daily basis. Takes after his COO father. He will eventually take over Delos Shipping as the president someday. He’s very responsible, mature and a quiet leader. Introverted. Single.

Dilan (‘love’ in Turkish) Kemal

She is 26 years old (mother was 31 years old when she had her) a pisces. She has red hair, green eyes, and oval face with high cheekbones. She is 5’10”, 140 pounds, an international model. She loves working with Delos charities. She’s idealistic, humble and introverted, loves swimming and supports the underdogs of society. She uses her “star power” to bring plights of people, animals and environment to world attention. Single.

Serkan and Melis dote on Tal, Matt and Alexa Culver as if they were their “other”  children.  The two children of Melis and Serkan get along well with Tal, Matt and Alexa, as well as the other children in the huge far flung family.


Dilara’s Greek family

Angelo Mykonos (Dilara’s first cousin and son of Michael and Sofia Mykonos)
He is 56 years old, 5’8”, 160 pounds. He has a slender build, square face, brown hair streaked with gold and blue eyes. Delos Shipping, his family shipping business of container/oil/shipping/cruise ships is worth $50 billion worldwide. It is the second largest shipping container company in the world (Artemis Shipping of Turkey, is the largest).

married to

Maria Mykonos
She is 50 years old with black hair and brown eyes. She’s a socialite from a rich shipping company which was absorbed into Delos Shipping by Angelo when he married her.

Angelo and Maria have THREE children

Thane Mykonos
He is 30 years old with black hair, blue eyes and is 6’0”, 190 pounds. He’s US Navy SEAL, joined at 18 because he had American relatives living in US. As a result of his service he has dual-citizenship. He’s a Navy chief (E-7), Team 3, Coronado base, San Diego, CA. He has always loved the water, scuba diving and been into risk taking adventures. Single.

Iris Mykonos
She is 28 years old with gold-brown hair, gray eyes and is 5’7”, 140 pounds. She’s a professional photographer—famous around the world.  She goes into dangerous areas to expose political factions killing, enslaving women and children. Risk taker. Single.

Delphine (Del) Mykonos
She is 26 years old with red hair, green eyes and is 5’9”, 145 pounds. She works for Anatoli Newspaper in Athens as a journalist. Anatoli is a nationally distributed daily newspaper. The paper is apolitical, focusing more on neighborhood and regional stories; and is run by a brother and sister who are concerned about people’s welfare.  Del’s a fighter for the underdogs of life, revealing government and political corruption and is hated by those trying to milk money out of Greek poor and middle class. She’s their much beloved champion. Single.