Risk Taker and Degree of Risk

Everything about Risk Taker and Degree of Risk, the 2-book sequel, was different and entirely unique to anything I’ve written before. But that’s what happens when the magic occurs and the author becomes powerfully and deeply into an alchemical process that can never be explained by words alone.

It was interesting to see what happened as I began writing Degree of Risk. I got so deeply involved in the story of “Blue Eyes,” as she is called by the men at FOB Bravo in Afghanistan, that I knew 75,000 words just wasn’t going to scratch the surface of medevac pilot, Army Chief Warrant Officer Sarah Benson’s life, her trials, challenges and her incredible courage and strength. Read More…

January 2014 eBook Releases

Lindsay’s eBook releases for January 2014 include the following titles: Captive of Fate, Chase the Clouds, Come Gentle the Dawn, Heart of the Tiger, and Love Me Before Dawn. Learn More