Below is a list of all Lindsay’s books that were originally released in paperback only and have been reprinted in eBook format. 

A Chance Encounter
A Christmas Proposal
A Man Alone
A Measure of Love
A Question of Honor
An Honorable Woman
Beginning with You
Beyond the Limit (released with The Right Stuff by Merline Lovelace) – 5.28.18
Captive of Fate
Chase the Clouds
Come Gentle Dawn
Comrades in Arms (released with The Cowboy and the Cassock by Merline Lovelace) – 4.30.18
Count Down
Danger Close
Dangerous Alliance
Dangerous Prey (released with Texas Hero by Merline Lovelace) – 6.11.18
Dare to Love
Dawn of Valor
Destiny’s Woman
Enemy Mine (released with Seduced by the Operative by Merline Lovelace) – 5.18.18
First Born
Hangar 13
Heart of Stone
Heart of the Eagle
Heart of the Hunter
Heart of the Jaguar
Heart of the Storm (released with Return to Sender by Merline Lovelace) – 1.15.18
Heart of the Tiger
Heart of the Warrior
Heart of the Wolf
High Country Rebel
His Duty to Protect (released with A Question of Intent by Merline Lovelace) – 7.16.18
His Woman in Command
Hostage Heart
Hunter’s Pride
Hunter’s Woman
King of Swords
Lord of Shadowhawk
Love Me Before Dawn
Man of Passion
Man with a Mission
Morgan’s Honor
Morgan’s Legacy
Morgan’s Rescue/Morgan’s Marriage – 3.12.18
Morgan’s Wife/Morgan’s Son – 2.12.18
My Only One
Night Flight
No Quarter Given
No Surrender
Off Limits
On Wings of Passion
One Man’s War
Point of Departure
Protecting His Own
Red Tail
Return of a Hero
Ride the Thunder
Ride the Tiger
Shadows & Light
Stallion Tamer
Sun Woman
Texas Wildcat
The Cougar
The Defender
The Gauntlet
The Heart Beneath
The Heart’s Command (novella)
The Loner
The Right Touch
The Rogue
The Untamed Hunter
The Will to Love
To Love and Protect (released with Bits & Pieces by Merline Lovelace) – 4.16.18
Too Near the Fire
Torrid Nights
Touch the Heavens
Tough Enough
Under Fire
Untamed Desire
When Tomorrow Comes
Wilderness Passion
Wild Mustang Woman
Woman of Innocence